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About Your Instructor Jane Ann Covington

About your instructor Jane Ann Covington, Founder and Director of Hypnosis Institute International School since 1995, offers professional hypnosis training for those wanting to start using self-hypnosis effectively in their own life, and certified clinical hypnotherapist educational programs for those interested in either learning both self-hypnosis as an effective tool for use in personally developing self mastery and to those wishing certified clinical hypnotherapy career development, or to expand their coaching skills.

Jane Ann Covington’s Hypnosis Institute International School carries the distinction of being one of the original 10 licensed national hypnotherapy schools ever authorized by world-renowned Gil Boyne’s American Council of Hypnotist Examiners to train students in Boyne’s amazing and undeniably effective Transforming Therapy Process.

Jane Ann Covington became very interested in hypnosis long ago when she got the help she needed through dynamic hypnosis and hypnotherapy process methods.  She was so impressed with her own transformation that she has dedicated her life to helping others succeed quickly and effectively.  For many years, interested individuals and her own associates begged her to teach her unique skills to others.  In 1995, she was further encouraged by Dr. Irv Katz, other psychologists and professional hypnotherapists to share her knowledge by starting Hypnosis Institute International School to teach others in a responsible and truly effective way.

A long time student in the fields of mind, body, and spirit, she has studied with some of the world’s leading experts. 

Jane Ann Covington’s extensive background includes assisted in research at such distinguished institutions as the University of California at San Francisco and Stanford University.

Jane Ann is also Founder and Director of the Center for Developing Mastery since 1987, offering one-on-one attention to individuals providing education, coaching, hypnosis and hypnotherapy to develop mastery in the area(s) of your choice.  

Expert instructor Jane Ann Covington is a national top trainer certified and endorsed by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.  She will personally walk you through every step of our uniquely scientific and advanced hypnotherapy training.  She is also a Registered Behavioral Therapist, and brings a broad understanding and ability to train in a way that her students “get it”.  

Other qualifications, among the many hours and years of training and experience, include:

• Certified Medical Hypnotherapist

• Certified NLP Practitioner

• Registered Behavioral Therapist

Certified Coach (Life & Health)

Certified Executive Coach

• Certified Executive Coach Trainer

• Brain-Based Learning Certified

Certified Biofeedback Therapist

• BA Developmental Psychology, San Francisco State University


Hypnosis can and will change your life!

Let’s face it, people are often complex and intricate.  Jane Ann Covington’s techniques of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, coaching and education with the dynamic Covington Process will break down old blocks and help you and help you help your clients to act according to current conditions instead of react to old unhelpful patterns and habits.

Since 1975

Jane Ann’s comfortable, yet effective style comes from working with clients and teaching, using hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a certified clinical hypnotherapist, registered behavioral therapist, cognitive educator, coach, speaker, author, and trainer, with a background also in business and corporate development, academic research.

Want to Reach Your Full Potential?

Jane Ann can help you reach your Full Potential to improve and develop your business, personal, and individual experience of living while you’re learning to help others.  The Covington Process is a guaranteed success oriented process.

The right combination of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, education, and coaching specific to you and your special goals and needs, can and will change and improve your life for the better right Now and catapult you to a new level of thinking, options, behavior and out come!!!

What are you waiting for…the world out there to change?  Why Wait?  Don’t wait for the change that must come from within!  Help yourself!  And, make the difference you’ve always wanted to make by helping others succeed as well.

Jane Ann Covington specializes in issues that have not responded to other methods!

The Covington Process of Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Education and Coaching has proven to be effective with issues when other treatment methods have not worked.

Jane Ann empowers, inspires and motivates people from all walks of life to discover why you are the way you are and supports you to effectively change if you want to.

You are invited to contact us today for a private confidential, free 30-minute personalized session with Jane Ann Covington, in person, by phone, or by Skype, to discuss your interests, needs and get your questions answered to see if our school is the right school for you or if you just want private sessions for yourself.


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