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Hypnotherapy: How It Actually Works, and Should You Try It?

Although many consider hypnosis little more than just a parlor trick, it may be the answer to some of your most menacing health problems. For thousands of years, altered states of awareness—such as hypnogogic trance— have been employed for their psychological benefits. Using an individual’s subconscious mind, a hypnotherapist will attempt to bring about change […]

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Can Hypnotherapy Treat Symptoms of ADHD?

If you’re looking for an alternative way to treat ADHD symptoms like anxiety, hyperactivity, and sleeplessness, hypnotherapy could be the answer. There is no scientific evidence supporting hypnotherapy as a treatment for symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) like inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Still, hypnosis might merit a slot in your treatment strategies, especially […]

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Is Hypnotherapy More Than Hype?

What it’s really like and how it might improve your health­ When you think about hypnotherapy, it’s probably in the context of a swinging pocket watch and a voice intoning, “you are getting very sleepy.” But neither watches nor sleep are part of hypnotherapy or clinical hypnosis, which is the therapeutic use of hypnosis. Here’s […]

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Celebrities use hypnotherapy for many issues

Everyone who has ever smoked knows two things. One is that smoking eventually will kill you and the other is quitting smoking is extremely difficult. But when you are at the top of your profession you do not want to die, you want to rid yourself of the ugly habit. So Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, […]

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Actress Jenny Slate swears by hypnotherapy for powering through her stage fright after she left Saturday Night Live

Jenny Slate is someone we admire for her confidence and honesty. We respect her ability to open up about her difficult times — remember how real she got after her break-up with Chris Evans? — because she’s incredibly smart, self-aware, and transparent. (Can we be BFFs?). Recently, the Landline actress decided to open up about something we haven’t […]

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I cured my fear of spiders with hypnotherapy

I’m in the bathtub. It’s Sunday evening and I’m mid-way through my weekly ritual of relaxing in an envelope of bubbles ahead of the new week. I open my eyes and within a millisecond I let out the most blood-curdling shriek of my life. Dangling above my head on the ceiling is a humongous beast: […]

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