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Head’s up

Here it is! The famous head’s up. Registration for my upcoming 2018 Hypnotherapy training program is quickly coming to a close. Registration deadline is Friday, January 12, 2018. Limited space available. Register NOW…Our Live, Once Per Year, In-House Training starts January 19, 2018 in Atlanta.

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Online Courses Available 24/7!

Our online training is always available. You can get started today! Click the video below to find out more!   Special Benefit of this course: Bi-Weekly 2 hour interactive webinars with you and me included in the price of the program. Get your questions answered and personal coaching by me using hypnosis and hypnotherapy live. […]

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Time is Ticking

Still thinking about registering for my upcoming hypnosis training program? Don’t wait too long! The program is filling up faster than I thought it would, so the time to register is NOW! Registration deadline is Friday, January 12, 2018. Limited space available. Still have some questions about my program that needs to be answered? Hit […]

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What you will learn the first weekend alone…fundamentals of hypnosis

  Waking Hypnosis Mind-Body Connection Developing Consciousness Integrating Positive Beliefs Variety of Induction Options Structuring Effective Suggestions Post Hypnotic Suggestions Coming Out of Hypnotic State Model of the Mind Accessing your Subconscious Self-Hypnosis process Inducing Hypnotic State Direct and Indirect Suggestions Conditioned Response Training History of Hypnosis Myths about the “Dangers of Hypnosis” Become masterful […]

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Still curious about the different hypnosis skill levels?

Our training modules cover a vast array of topics to ensure you get the most in-depth hypnotherapy training possible. Still curious about what you will learn? Keep reading! Module 101 Professional Hypnotist – History of Hypnosis, Mind – Body Connection, Developing Consciousness, Erasing Negative Beliefs, Post, Hypnotic Suggestions, Coming Out of Hypnosis, Structuring Effective Suggestions, […]

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