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4 Your Health: Hypnosis during surgery

An alternative to anesthesia A combination of hypnosis and sedation could be used in place of general anesthesia for some surgeries. Researchers in France tracked 150 cancer patients who were under hypnosis during their operations. The patients were also given a mild sedative and *local* anesthesia to block pain. In 99 percent of cases, hypno-sedation […]

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What Are YOU Waiting For? Procrastination Deconstructed.

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of Healthwise Ottawa Just because Dr. Tim Pychyl is an expert in procrastination doesn’t mean he’s an expert in avoiding the tasks on his to-do list. The Carleton University professor of psychology, author, podcaster, and Psychology Today blogger admits that even he sometimes — though rarely […]

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Has Hypnosis Finally Been Vindicated by Neuroscience?

Considering its origin story, it’s not so surprising that hypnosis and serious medical science have often seemed at odds. The man typically credited with creating hypnosis, albeit in a rather primitive form, is Franz Mesmer, a doctor in 18th-century Vienna. (Mesmer, mesmerize. Get it?) Mesmer developed a general theory of disease he called “animal magnetism,” […]

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Three Things to Know About the Teenage Brain

Behavior makes sense when we understand what causes it and the most effective adult responses become clearer when the nature of adolescent development is revealed. The teenage brain is a great place to start. Adolescence poses unique neurobiological circumstances that, when understood, can help to put teens’ behaviors into perspective. Understanding these aspects of adolescent […]

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World Record Eagle Flight From World’s Tallest Building

Just like this amazing eagle’s focus, you too can learn to access and come from your full potential highest self to develop the focus and greater success that you deeply desire as an unconscious pattern. Always committed to helping people achieve even greater success. Jane Ann Covington

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Daily Weigh Ins Keep Dieters on Track

Thinking of everyone who deserves to be healthier.. I’ve said it for years and now scientific research has proven my observations correct. Check out this link and be aware! -Jane Ann Covington HealthDay – July 10, 2015 Checking your weight every day could help you slim down, researchers report. A two-year Cornell University study found […]

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