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Professional Hypnotist Training

Mastering the Fundamentals of Hypnosis


Professional Hypnotist – Module 101

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Professional Hypnotist Training Prerequisite:  None

Two Weekends:  50 hours – Completion of both the first weekend of Mastering the Fundamentals of Hypnosis and continuing on through the second weekend is necessary to set the foundation to be a Professional Hypnotist.

Discover how to unleash the awesome power of your subconscious mind.  Make changes in yourself and help others easily, quickly and effortlessly.  Begin training for a successful and fulfilling career as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Module Includes:

  • History of Hypnosis
  • Mind – Body Connection
  • Developing Consciousness
  • Erasing Negative Beliefs
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Coming Out of Hypnosis
  • Structuring Effective Suggestions
  • Developing Rapport
  • Variety of Induction Options
  • Direct and Indirect Suggestions
  • Myth of the “Dangers of Hypnosis”
  • Model of the Mind
  • Accessing your Subconscious
  • Self-hypnosis process
  • Integrating Positive Beliefs
  • Waking Hypnosis
  • Suggestibility Testing
  • Pre-induction Interview
  • Post-hypnotic Reinforcement
  • Inducing Hypnotic State
  • Hypnosis Process Management
  • Conditioned Response Training
  • Teaching groups self-hypnosis
  • and much more…

professional hypnotist training, professional, hypnotist, training, hypnotherapy, georgia, atlanta, south east, south eastern, usa, united states, america, schoolModule 101 – Professional Hypnotist Training is the most comprehensive training available today in the basic uses of hypnosis, in a learn-by-doing and experiential program, and includes all of the Mastering the Fundamentals of Hypnosis training.

Plus learn and practice the important client care, dynamic interview process, and hands on development training.

Training Location:  Atlanta (Buckhead area), comfortable and easy access

Learn expanded conscious and subconscious communication.

Learn to influence yourself and others with self-hypnosis for enhanced well-being and greater success in life.

Learn to teach self-hypnosis to others.

Actual supervised practice includes coaching in speech patterns, physical movements and personal mannerisms.

Class size limited for personalized student training and support by Jane Ann Covington, expert instructor with 40 years experience and training.

Upon completion of Module 101 – Professional Hypnotist Training a Certificate of Completion and designation of Professional Hypnotist will be awarded.  You will then be eligible to continue toward your new career as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist!

Note:  Requirement to bring a digital recording device, compatible with your computer, and with capabilities to download into your computer and burn a CD to record hypnosis sessions for yourself and others.

This is an Exciting, Life Changing Process, and Empowering Experience!




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