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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Business Education, along with Direct Experience, Learn-By-Doing with Volunteers As Practice Clients 

Prerequisite: Module 401 and 50 Clinical Practice hours beginning after becoming a Professional Hypnotist (Module 101) and continuing throughout 401.

Online Certification Program – 50 hours total – Completion of this module further readies you to complete the Certified Hypnotherapist Training, and supports you in opening your own successful practice.

Receive Expert Feedback from Your Expert Instructor, Jane Ann Covington, BA, CCHT, RBT, CEC, MCCT

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  • How to Promote your Practice
  • How to Set Up Your Business
  • Professional Attitudes and Attributes
  • Business Location
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Measurement
  • Accounting 
  • What Works? What Doesn’t Work? 
  • What it Takes to Make You a Success 
  • Day-to-Day Running of Your Business 
  • Insurance & Continuing Education
  • Intention 
  • Persistence 
  • Staying Current and Ahead of the Curve 
  • Further Development of Your Intuition and Creativity 
  • Continued practice and coaching of clinical hypnotherapy
  • Discovering Your Own Full Potential Highest Self
  • Finding the Healer Within
  • Success Motivation
  • Teaching Group Self-Hypnosis

The Last 50+ Hours: While each class is dynamic and designed to develop you to an amazing professional level, the outside class experiential portion beginning at Level I (Module 101) – as each level builds upon itself and develops you in a competent and confident manner, over the course of the entire training – outside class experience adds up to 50+ learn-by-doing hours that provide a deeper learning that can only be achieved through this portion of the program.

  • To achieve Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist status each student will be encouraged to and required to work directly with volunteers to provide one-on-one services.
  • Like any path to mastery, practice, experience, and feedback are key elements to really integrating the “know-how!” and building important confidence.
  • Assignments consisting of direct interview, hypnosis and hypnotherapy processes, education, coaching, backed up by supervised case review and group discussion along the way, are required and necessary to prepare you to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.
  • Rest assured that you will not be asked to work with outside clients until you have been trained in class at that level.
  • These assignments will provide invaluable direct clinical experience throughout the full training period starting in Module 101.
  • Achieving the 501 level of training affords the opportunity for each student to be coached along the way at every level to competently master, implement and integrate knowledge learned with real life individuals faced with real life issues.
  • Upon completion of Level IV you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and be designated a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, having received 300 hours of hypnosis training and experience.  Congratulations!

Special Support:  Follow up support is always available, in the event you require personalized consultation with Jane Ann Covington, your expert instructor.

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GUARANTEED Exciting, Life Changing Process, and Empowering Experience for yourself and your future, working with clients or becoming masterful in relationships!


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