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Getting Rid of Anxiety for Good

An independent study course for hypnotherapists by Jane Ann Covington – 24 CEUs for $250

Anxiety and chronic patterns of worry are very common among most of the population.  Twenty percent (20%) of the U.S. population has some form of anxiety as reported by the U.S. National Institute of Health  (NIH). For many anxiety can become excessive and uncontrollable with negative side effects to daily living, relationships and their careers.

The wide variety of worry and anxiety can range from stress and worry, all the way up through phobias. The Covington Process Method relieves near term and life long anxiety, with no side effects, except to provide for the greater potential of happiness and well-being.

You can learn The Covington Process Method through independent study course to earn 24 CEU’s accredited by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners for $250 plus shipping. You will receive a copy of “Getting Rid of Anxiety – Hypnotherapy, Education and Coaching – The Covington Process Method” by Jane Ann Covington and two Audio Files. This book is now available for purchase online. Please click HERE to purchase. There are instructions in the book regarding how to download your audio recordings.

Client Praise

“I love hypnotherapy! I love helping people through hypnotherapy! I love seeing people transform and become free from those things that hold them back.

I am certified as a clinical hypnotherapist since 2014 with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE). In 2016, I needed some CEUs for recertification. Imagine my pleasant surprise to discover the Covington Process Method. This study course can provide CEUs for ACHE, sure, but even more than this, it is a process that can transform the lives of my clients and my practice. WOW!

Jane Ann Covington developed the Covington Process Method from her lifelong work that utilizes hypnotherapy, education, and coaching. She outlines the program for five or six visits, and the book includes specific lessons, detailed hypnosis scripts, and transcripts of live sessions. There are lessons on how the conscious and subconscious minds communicate, scripts on healing the inner child, and examples from real clients (names changed). The Covington Process Method helps clients reframe beliefs, retrain internal self-talk, and resolve long-standing anxiety.

Jane Ann has a 95% success rate with this method for her clients, and while she teaches the program live in Georgia, she offers it as an independent study course for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. This is practical for this California based practitioner!

The Covington Process Method is easy to learn and ready to use instantly. Yes, I have started using it with clients. Thanks Jane Ann!” ~ Julia Ferré



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