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Online Hypnotherapy Training Program

Now available, Hypnosis Institute International School’s Online Hypnotherapy Training Program!

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Online learning is the fastest growing segment of higher education, and we began to see the need for Hypnosis Institute International School to offer an online hypnotherapy training program. Whether you are located close to us or international, we’re here for you. You no longer have to wait until January or travel to Atlanta to learn hypnotherapy from Jane Ann Covington. You can learn from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world!

Although we’ve been teaching since 1995, beginning January 2017 Hypnosis Institute International is pleased to expand our training globally with our Complete Online and Teleconference Training Program including direct contact with Jane Ann Covington, and was created primarily for three groups:

1. Interested in studying hypnosis and hypnotherapy at a highly scientific and experiential level to become proficient in hypnosis for your own use and to help friends and family. 

2. Also those who are interested in becoming truly masterful as a certified clinical hypnotherapist, and ready to go into business for yourself as a new career,


3. Those who are already working or studying to be in the helping professions, certified coaches (life coach, health coach, executive coach, business coach, sports coach, career coach) who want to go deeper and really distinguish yourself in helping your clientele move well beyond unconscious patterns that hold them back.  Becoming a certified clinical hypnotherapist is the next step to having the tools to truly succeed–both for your practice and your client or patient!

For the past several years, Jane Ann Covington has been videoing and audio recording her training program in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We have compiled and edited over 300 hours of instructional video and audio materials so that you can get the very best Hypnotherapy Certification from the comfort of your home, or if you’re traveling on vacation or after work! Even with a busy schedule, you can relax and learn at your own pace. You will still get the same quality education that our local students receive with the addition of weekly conference calls with Jane Ann Covington.

What You Will Learn in the Online Hypnotherapy Training Program?

Human beings are intricate and complex.  More than 99% of what we all know, we  learned unconsciously. Hypnosis Institute International School online courses are based off scientific principles, and each course level builds upon itself. Knowing that although our challenges and issues are within us, so is the ability to have well-being no matter what your history is. For an in depth description of each course, please download our brochure by clicking the button above or below, or visit the course description pages by clicking the following links. Module 101, Module 201, Module 301, Module 401 and Module 501

How do I get started with the Online Hypnotherapy Training Program?

Starting with the 101 course and upon completion,  you will move on to the 201 course; all the way through the 501 course. Each course includes an instruction manual, instructional videos, supplemental educational videos from other sources, audio recordings and a certificate of completion at each level.

You will also be required to attend bi-weekly conference calls to discuss the materials, get your questions answered, discuss homework assignments, practice together and get help when you need it. If you decide to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, you will be required to do a little extra homework that consists of practicing what you’ve learned on volunteers and clients in your own location or you can be matched with someone to work with. Ms. Covington will review your clinical notes and discuss your work before awarding you your certificate of completion for the 501 level.

Online Hypnotherapy Training Program Fees

Tuition for each course module is $1500 USD. Once you have purchased the beginning level 101 course, you will be able to create an account login, read through your course instructions, download all your materials and begin learning the fundamentals of hypnosis! When you have completed the 101 course level and you wish to continue learning, you will simply need to purchase the next level to keep going. Should you choose to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, the total program cost is $7500 USD, or 12 monthly payments of $688.

Special Benefit of this course: Bi-Weekly 2 hour teleconference calls with Jane Ann Covington included in the price of the program.  Get your questions answered by your instructor with 40 years experience and training, and experience fellow students as well as Jane Ann Covington working with you and the group using hypnosis and hypnotherapy, live.

How Long Will It Take to complete the Online Hypnotherapy Training Program?

This is a self paced program and you can create your own learning schedule. Completion time varies depending on your learning style and amount of time you have to study and practice. Our local students complete the entire course in 5 months. We would like to see students complete the course in 15 months. However, you will have as much time as you need to complete the entire training.

Call or email us today to find out if Hypnosis Institute International School’s Online Hypnotherapy Training Program is the right hypnotherapy certification program for you!

What’s Next?

You’re invited to setup a time to speak with us by phone, Skype or Facetime.

If by now you are ready to get started in your education and new or expanded career, click the link below to get started! PLEASE NOTE: The HIIS Team works hard at striking a balance between our (joyful!) work and home-life. We try to maintain a “9 – 5” schedule, Monday – Friday. Therefore, any questions or requests are usually answered within that time frame or the next day.

Student Praise

“The Hypnosis Institute is a premier resource for training and education, and the convenience of being able to complete the course online, at a reasonable pace, is wonderful. Jane Ann is truly a gifted and seasoned practitioner and educator, with a wealth of knowledge and skills to share. As a psychotherapist in private practice for years, hypnosis and hypnotherapy has revolutionized the way I work with people.” –Tani Burton, MSW, LSW (Israel), CDEA, PH


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