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Module 101-2, Professional Hypnotist – Online Training


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Hypnosis Institute International School Professional Hypnotist Online Training

Prerequisite – Module 101-1 Mastering the Fundamentals of Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis

Your training will include advanced skills such as: erasing negative beliefs, our self-hypnosis method process, hypnosis process management, suggestibility testing, our all-important and unique pre-induction interview process (that will WOW you and your clients with amazing insights you will help to quickly uncover), plus client care and professional development for your greater success. Learn to teach self-hypnosis to others for fun and profit, and more.

Learn to develop rapport in under 4 minutes, which can be of great benefit with a client or in your personal life. Additional learn-by-doing exepriences will allow you to experience and benefit as you learn to help yourself and start helping others right away.

All students will learn to properly interview. This is critically important to effectively and efficiently work with anyone for any goal they want to achieve, and become more masterful to hypnotize and be hypnotized. Click the link below to read more about this module.

Module 101-2 Professional Hypnotist

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