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Module 101-1 , Self-Hypnosis for Life – Online Training


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Hypnosis Institute International School Online Mastering the Fundamentals of Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis

Prerequisite – None

This video training program is the foundational portion of the more advanced trainings, you will receive a thorough understanding to master self-hypnosis for yourself, learn the science behind the model of the mind and how the mind-body-spirit connection works. We all came with a body and a brain, but without an instruction booklet – you will receive it during this training and learn the guaranteed-to-work self-hypnosis process.

Further, you will learn how to access the subconcious, how to develop exceptional concious awareness, and how to easily integrate positive beliefs and behaviors into your every daylife. You will learn numerous hypnotic inductions for effective and easy access. Learn direct and indirect suggestions;  and the right way to structure effective suggestions (not the wrong way that most hypnotists use that backfire on them). Experience and learn conditioned response training, post hypnotic suggestions, waking hypnosis, how to come out of hypnosis, the history and truth about the myths of “dangers of hypnosis”. You will also learn the Rules of the Mind, how we create and change habits and patterns, and how to understand representational systems – the key to the best way to communicate with others, positive trigger words, expanding what’s possible for you and expanding your imagination to create a more satisfying reality, and more.

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Module 101-1, Mastering the Fundamentals of Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis

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