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Module 201, Master Hypnotist Part 1 – Online Training


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Hypnosis Institute International School Online Master Hypnotist Training Part 1

Prerequisite – Module 101

Modules 201 and 301 (prerequisite module 101) go beyond hypnosis and present our Advanced Foundational Principles and Methods of Hypnotherapy techniques — truly effective therapeutic methods. You will learn our unique step-by-step methods and processes for helping clients release unhelpful patterns and problems, helping them to move quickly towards success in their life. You will learn — and practice in class — skills to enable clients to get distance from problems, be more creative, resourceful, connected to the world, and more in control than ever before.

Module 201 includes the following: develop advanced levels of previously taught skills, learn the traits of an effective therapist, laws and ethics, recognizing basic fears, the use of age regression to reach the core of issues and correct them; eliminate anxieties, fears, rejection, criticism, tap into creativity and intuition, power learning techniques, stress management, remove emotional blocks, and more. Help people overcome compulsive behaviors; learn behavior modification techniques. Learn tips from NLP, time-line, Ericksonian, and transformational regression techniques. Learn how to work with children, how to use dream healing, and much more. Learn to help clients use self-hypnosis as a therapy tool.


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Module 201 – Master Hypnotist Training

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