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Module 401, Certified Hypnotherapist – Online Training


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Hypnosis Institute International School Online Certified Hypnotherapist Training Program

Prerequisite – Modules 101-301

Module 401 teaches you how to use hypnosis and hypnotherapy as an adjunct to medical treatment prescribed by medical professionals. Learn increasingly advanced principles and methods of hypnotherapy in our learn-by-doing step-by-step experiential program. Learn to enable a client to access greater potential for increasing the immune response, decreasing pain, and access powerful healing forces within.

Topics covered include release dis-ease at the emotional/subconscious level, how to work with the medical community, emergency hypnosis, pre- and post-operative anxiety, anesthesia, and suggestive healing techniques. Learn how to help cancer and high blood pressure cases. Learning how to help clients discover reasons to live and find purpose in life. Help clients access client centered creativity. Work with the healing environment inside and out. Help your clients access social support for healing, as well as higher power and higher consciousness for healing. Learn to expand intuition.

Discover differences between the many defense mechanisms that may create blocks. Help clients emotionally mature to create support for health and well-being. Learn to help others access a healthier level of authenticity and new options for living.

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Module 401 – Certified Hypnotherapist

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