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Module 501, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – Online Training


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Hypnosis Institute International School Online Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Training

Prerequisite – Modules 101-401

While all classes are dynamic and designed to develop you to the level of competency that you choose to attain, the Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Level IV further supports you with an additional 50 hours of in class coaching with Jane Ann Covington.

To achieve Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist status, you will also be guided to complete the required additional 50 hours outside of class working with volunteers including family, friends, fellow students, and others starting early in the Level I training. This assures that you truly reach clinical competency.

If you are unable to complete these outside hours by the time you attain Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist status, you may continue to work to complete them after graduation, and still receive expert feedback from Jane Ann Covington.

Business Development

You can become a great hypnotherapist, but you must also develop your business sense. You will learn how to start, promote, build and sustain your practice; information about insurance and continuing education, and much more. You will be ready for a satisfying career opportunity in hypnosis and hypnotherapy!

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Module 501 – Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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