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The mega-flaw in most hypnotherapy certification trainings

mega-flaw in most hypnotherapy certification trainingsFrom the desk of Jane Ann Covington, Director,

Dear Hypnotherapist Enthusiast:

Imagine that you were asked to invest
in a professional services business with
the following business model:

– Most engagements are small in terms
of time and fees.
– Clients aren’t loyal to the business and
don’t give lots of repeat business.  In fact,
the average time of the client relationship
is one visit.
– It takes lots of work to get a new client.
– Most people in the business are seen as

You would be crazy to invest, right? This is a
“treadmill” business with no traction.

And yet that is how most hypnotherapy practices

There is a better way.

The key is to keep clients longer to get the true
care they need.  By having a deep toolkit of
hypnotherapy, hypnosis, education, and coaching
solutions to offer, you can keep clients for the
length of time to help them make permanent and
effective, true changes…and that is the best kind
of business development you can do.

What’s required is substance at each visit that has
an impact, that makes a lasting difference to clients
and that sets you up for ongoing work to help them
experience the transformation and freedom they
so deeply desire and need.

If you could keep clients even 3 months or longer
than most hypnotherapists, you would be 50%
ahead of the game compared to most hypnotherapy
practices in terms of results to the clients and a
sustainable business model for you.

Hypnosis Institute International shows you how
to put this model to work for your clients to get
rave reviews and inner peace, and how to put
this model to work for you.

We’ll provide our students with a deep toolkit of
hypnotherapy frameworks that let you extend
the time your clients are loyal to you.  That way,
you aren’t on the traditional hypnotherapy practice
“treadmill,” constantly chasing new clients every
spare moment.  Instead, you will have fewer, but
loyal, higher paying clients who stay for a significant
period of time and open up all sorts of opportunities
for you.

That’s why we’ll have both new and seasoned
hypnotherapists who join our program.  The veterans
appreciate the new tools that keep their clients
longer and recharge their hypnotherapy practice.
The new students gets full suite of content to
start strong and keep going.

If you would like to learn more, I would be delighted
to speak with you one-on-one.  My phone is
(404) 442-8700.  Kristin will schedule a time for you
and I to speak.  If you get voice mail, leave a message
with some good times to contact you, or send an

In the meantime, please check our website for more
information and resources about hypnotherapy
certification at whatever level you are interested in:

Jane Ann Covington
Founder and Director,
Office: (404) 442-8700

3495 Piedmont Rd NE, Bldg 12, Suite 112
Atlanta, GA  30305

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