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Your Higher Purpose

hypnosis, hypnotherapy, training, school, education, certification, Your Higher PurposeOur higher purpose is to help caring,
good-hearted, learners and doers find
a path to fulfillment.

Have you always wanted to make a
difference in life? I know I want to!

People can read all the self-help books
in the world or go to talk therapy for years,
but until they change their subconscious
mind, they will keep going in circles.

Learning skills that truly are transforming
will change your life and the life of those
you interact with.

Whether your current goal is to learn
self-hypnosis for yourself or achieve
advanced levels of hypnotherapy, or
if you’re goal is to go all the way to
become a Certified Clinical
Hypnotherapist in 2015, January 16th
is the start date.

To be clear…

We want people who want to really make
a difference in their community, those who
want to find a career that is in alignment
with their values and passions, trainers,
business people, medical personnel,
caring people who want to make a real
lasting difference in people’s lives, coaches,
consultants, healers, teachers, knowledge-
workers, creatives, therapists of all kinds,
and visionaries to learn the true empowerment
of your mind and be able to share it effectively
with your family, friends, clients and community.

Because we are a small, but mighty group,
class size is limited. I want you to have all
the support and guidance you’ll need to become
proficient in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

I want you to truly experience what it’s like to
discover Your Higher Purpose.

Thanks. We’re really grateful for your support.

Hypnosis Institute International is up to amazing
things and it’s really exciting to be a part of
helping those interested in skillfully making a
difference in the lives of others.

Best regards,
Jane Ann

P.S. and of course, if you want to talk or meet
me in person, just call and Kristin will make sure
it happens. I’m looking forward to hearing from

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