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Globally Top Rated Online Hypnotherapy School with personal access to Jane Ann Covington

Online Hypnotherapy Certification Program

Put advanced hypnosis to work for yourself, friends, family and clients!

In all walks of life, nothing is more important to success than using your mind as effectively as possible. Do you want to learn Self-Hypnosis to enhance your well-being and health for the rest of your life? Do you want a new or expanded career serving others as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist? Whatever your goal, our online programs at Hypnosis Institute International School are guaranteed to take you there.

At Hypnosis Institute International School in Atlanta, our focus in every module is on just one thing: Our Students! Our expert instructor, Jane Ann Covington, one of the top trainers authorized by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, will walk with you through every step of your journey!

What Makes our Top Rated Hypnotherapy School, Hypnosis Institute International School, different from other schools?

  • One of the first schools authorized and approved by Gil Boyne’s American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
  • Develop Mind Mastery
  • Hands On Training
  • Create or Enhance Career
  • Help Others Succeed
  • Proven Methods
  • Science Based Training
  • Mind/Body/Spirit Training
  • Teach Self Hypnosis
  • Understanding Marketing
  • Professional Development
  • After Training Support
  • Serving students all over the world!
  • Your study with us will be fulfilling and make you knowledgeable, experienced and confident.

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Our Online Hypnotherapy Certification Training Program consists of 5 levels totaling 250 in class hours to help you achieve your career goals.  Click the links below to learn more about each module!

Online Mastering the Fundamentals of Hypnosis Program: Module 101-1 [25 hours]

Online Professional Hypnotist Certification Program: Module 101-1 and 101-2 [50 hours total]

Online Master Hypnotist Certification Program: Module 201 and 301  [150 hours total]

Online Certified Hypnotherapist Training Program: Module 401 [200 hours total]

Online Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Training Program: Module 501 [300 hours total]
50 hours of Clinical Practice will be completed outside of class with volunteers.
Case reports are to be turned in for each volunteer subject.

Call or email us today to find out if Hypnosis Institute International School’s Online Hypnotherapy Certification Training Program is right for you!

Hypnosis Institute also provides continuing support by encouraging former graduates to audit training again for a nominal fee, on a space available basis. Those students who have taken advantage of this have found they gain an even deeper level of understanding and, naturally a higher level of competency because of the added coaching and experience gained with Jane Ann Covington by your side.

Globally Top Rated Hypnotherapy School Atlanta, GA

PLEASE NOTE: The HIIS Team works hard at striking a balance between our (joyful!) work and home-life. We try to maintain a “9 – 5” schedule, Monday – Friday. Therefore, any questions or requests are usually answered within that time frame or the next day.






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